Sensei Cody Murray – Ni-dan


I first started training Renbukai karate at the Kanto Sho Karate Club at the age of 7 along side my mother. We joined karate because we wanted to find something new that we could both do together. Karate has been nothing but beneficial to my life. I have been training for 15 years and teaching for 9, I have acquired many skills through out my training. These skills include learning to defend myself and others, commitment, being patient, discipline and fitness. I first traveled to Japan in 2014 to grade for my Shodan and compete in the All Japan Full Contact tournament. In August of 2016 I traveled back to Japan with members of the Kanto Sho Karate Club to train with some of the most skillful champions that Japan has ever had. Karate has given me a lot of opportunities in life and a passion for learning it’s way.