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The Kanto Sho Karate Club is dedicated to the development of the human spirit in each person as an individual.

Traditional Karate-do for the 21st century.


As early as the 1920’s accomplished practitioners of many different styles of Karate in Japan found themselves in search of a more practical way to train realistic but still traditional karate. During the 1930's and 40's they came together in a fusion of styles and developed what is known today as Renbukai Karate. Renbukai means literally “to meet to forge the martial way”. This is why there is no one master of the style. Students of Renbukai created Bogu (Armour), developed from Kendo gear. Bogu is used as a form of protective gear, in order to facilitate the student training safely. Over 400,000 people in Japan train Renbukai.


We are located at:
The Haysboro Community Centre
1204 89 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada





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Sensei Okamoto, Renbukai Founder


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