Sensei Justin Jensen


I joined the Kanto Sho Karate Club in the spring of 2014. My (then) 9 year old son was interested in karate, and I thought it would be a fun activity that we could do together.  I like that karate is a family friendly activity and over the years I have been able to train together with my wife and all three children. I enjoy the physical challenge and the health and fitness benefits of training karate. I’ve found that karate helps me to combat the negative physical and mental effects of working long hours at a desk job by giving me an outlet to de-stress, be competitive, and be present in the moment. I value the opportunities karate has given me to set and meet challenging goals. On September 17, 2021, I graded for and received my Shodan black belt. I’m thankful for the help and guidance I’ve received from my Senseis at the Kanto Sho Karate Club, and look forward to continuing to learn and to share what I’ve learned with our students. 

Brief History or Training and Accomplishments

2014: Joined the Kanto Sho Karate Club

2021: Received Shodan


All Japan Full Contact Karate Tournament – 2022 / 2023

Canadian Shotokan Karate Tournaments – Medaled; Judge and Referee