Sensei John Servos


I began my karate journey in 2013 when I was looking to enrol my then 6 year old son in an extracurricular program. We chose karate because of the obvious benefits of self defence, physical fitness, mind and body connection, and discipline. The Trico Center offered a parent and child introductory class at the time, and that helped ease my son’s anxiety to try something different as I would be alongside Him.  We really enjoyed the class, and wanted to further our training, so we joined the Kanto Sho Karate Club where my love of karate was forged. 

I quickly realized that Karate-do was more than just something to do a couple nights a week. This was a way of life, and what I thought were the primary benefits of self defence and physical fitness where just side bonuses to the humbling pursuit of perpetual self improvement.