Sensei Glen Smith – Roku-dan

Jokyoshi (Certified Master Instructor by JKF), Owner and Renbukai Canada Director

I started training karate because I was a very small boy for my age, this partially led me to be very shy and introverted.  We were not very well off and we found that the Institute of Karate offered reasonable rates.  I came to appreciate the quality of instruction and leadership at the dojo as time went by.  My father passed away shortly after I joined karate, I found myself consumed by training. Forging my body and mind, for me karate-do is truly a way of life not just a thing to do or hobby. The dojo was safe from the problems of the outside world.  The instructors became strong adult figures that I respected (aside from my amazing Mother) in particular Sensei Frank Koch, he was the most powerful karate person I have ever met, his skill is beyond anyone I have ever known. Sensei Koch’s teaching methods were fierce but perfect for the time and me. My mother constantly worried when I came home from the dojo with many injuries. We were truly forged in the martial way and I loved every minute of it. These teaching methods would not fly so much in this modern world and of course I/we do not teach this way.