Karate and Self Defence

Kanto Sho workshops will empower, build confidence and teach skills to children, youth and adults in schools, workplaces and communities. Workshops are intended for people of all fitness levels and can be offered at our location or yours. We create a safe, fun and inclusive environment for all participants. Perfect for engagement and team building!


Karate does promote focus, self esteem, personal discipline, flexibility and physical coordination. Karate creates a mind body awareness in the student and helps to relieve everyday stress. Through observation and feedback from students and parents, the lessons and skills learned in karate translate to the individual practitioner’s personal life and the effects are positive in nature.

School and Experiential Karate instruction can be provided from 1 hour classes up to weekly sessions.

Self Defense

Participants will be empowered physically and mentally by learning how to protect themselves through hands on experiential activities. Participants will take away natural, applicable skills that should they ever be in a situation that frightens or scares them, they have a tool kit to draw from.

Discover the power and determination you already hold!

Self-defence workshops are offered at hourly rates up to a maximum of 3 hours per session.

We Have Taught for the Following Organizations and Schools:

  • St. Stephens Junior High School
  • Dr. George Stanley School
  • Trinity Academy
  • Child Advocacy Centre (severely physically handicapped children)
  • Boys and Girls Club Calgary – Pineridge boys and girls club (4 years)
  • Aspen Family
  • Centre for Newcomers/University of Calgary
  • All Sport One Day
  • All Sport One City
  • TRICO Family Fitness Centre (current children’ classes)
  • TRICO Family Fitness Centre after school classes
  • Pathfinders
  • Haysboro Pre-school

Please call to inquire about fees