Self Defence and Personal Safety

Kanto Sho workshops will empower, build confidence and teach skills to children, youth and adults in schools, workplaces and communities. Workshops are intended for people of all fitness levels and can be offered at our location or yours. We create a safe, fun and inclusive environment for all participants. Perfect for engagement, team building and an important aspect to an employees health and wellness!

Self-defense entails defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm. This involves physical action as well as mental preparedness to effectively protect yourself.

Kanto Sho translated means “The Most Spirited” and we believe the name weaves into the very fabric of all that we teach to participants. Participants will be empowered physically and mentally by learning how to protect themselves through hands on experiential activities. Participants will take away natural, applicable skills that should they ever be in a situation that threatens them, they have a tool kit to draw from. When we say “natural”, this means physical moves that people can remember under extreme stress. In highly stressful situations it is difficult to recall complex, intricate moves and we know that the brain will quickly recall simpler, effective moves to assist individuals in crisis.

I left feeling very empowered, and confident in my response to physical threat.” –  Aspen Staff

Based on the instructor’s experience as a 27-year veteran of The Calgary Police Service working as a Detective in violent crime units and as an undercover officer who spent many personal hours with predators, who stalked both adult and child victims, we have an intimate experience with the criminal mind and what they look for in victims. We are aware of the fear that people may experience when attacked, whether it is a stranger or someone you know.

We empower participants to push through the fear they may experience and move from a frozen state to a state of action whether that be verbal or physical. This would entail setting strong boundaries, getting away or fighting back if necessary. Based on our experience as instructors as well as retired police officer and social service worker, we encourage participants, as a take away, to mentally make a plan and set their bottom lines as a preventive measure. We recognize the resilience of each individual and that they are worth fighting for. Here at Kanto Sho “Most Spirited” Self Defense we want each person to know that they can stand up for themselves and we will guide them to discover the power and determination that they already hold.

“Glen Smith gave an excellent presentation on self-defence to the Senior Resource Group in Haysboro.  His stories were real and specific to the issue he was talking to but rather than making everyone nervous we were left with a feeling of empowerment.  His demonstrations had almost everyone on their feet, laughing, talking and punching the air while yells, not screams, reverberated through the hall.” – 50+ Club

It was incredible to be reminded of the strength of my body and intuition. I am so glad I did this course.” – Aspen Staff


  1. Participants using their voice as a tool to defend themselves
  2. Practising physical, natural skills to defend one self
  3. Having a plan and setting boundaries
  4. Participants feeling empowered and strong

Really fun, straight forward and boosted my self confidence.” – Pathfinders Youth 

Workshop Specifics:

  • Offered for children ages 6 and up, youth and adults of all fitness levels. Maximum of 20 participants.
  • Instruction is available at your location or ours.
  • Facilitated with the safety of participants in mind.
  • Due to the nature of the topic, it is facilitated with a blend of humour and seriousness.
  • Experiential in nature with built in lecture.
  • Voluntary, safe, interactive scenario based opportunities for participants to practise their skills on an “attacker”.
  • Workshops can vary in length to suit the need of the clients.
  • We are available for sessions such as lunch and learns, team building days, life skill development.

“I thought the self-defence program was a resounding success: the speaker was dynamic and engaging.” – 50+ Club

Some Notable Participants:


Aspen Family & Community Network Society

Centre for Newcomers/University of Calgary

Sport Calgary – All Sport One City

Pathways Community Service Association


Calgary Police Service – Youth at Risk Development Program (YARD)

Girl Guides –  Pathfinders and Guides

St. Stephen’s Junior High School

Dr. George Stanley School

Trinity Academy

Calgary Girls School

Very interactive, kept the kids engaged, great messaging for young people.” – YARD Staff


Haysboro Pre-School

TRICO Family Fitness Centre


Haysboro 50+ Club

 “A worthwhile investment in employees.” –  Aspen Staff


*Please call to inquire about fees.