School Residencies

Benefits of Karate for Students:

  • Improve Self Regulation
  • Ability to Focus
  • Boost Self Esteem
  • Improve Self Control
  • Improve Physical Coordination
  • Mental Health
  • Sense of Wellbeing
  • Independent Mastery and Success
  • Cultural Understanding (Japan)

Our school program is designed to connect students to traditional training practise and to educate them about the history of karate all the while building skill and technique with respect to kihon (basics) which are the fundamentals of martial arts training. The program is flexible and inclusive of all students no matter their fitness level or ability. Our approach emphasizes focus, respect, knowledge, safety, fun, empowerment and inclusivity.

Karate promotes focus, self esteem, self control, flexibility and physical coordination. Karate creates a mind body awareness in the student and helps to relieve everyday stress supporting their mental health and wellbeing.

Through observation and feedback from students and parents, the lessons and skills learned in karate translate to the individual practitioner’s personal life. There is an enhanced ability to concentrate at school and home, an increased confidence and the ability to self-regulate. Martial arts has been identified as an intervention that supports the development of a child’s executive functioning, “Many kinds of interventions can work to improve executive functioning, another reason researchers feel confident that this cognitive ability is not innate, but rather taught. Martial arts…, help improve students ability to focus and control themselves.” 

The Kanto Sho “Most Spirited” Karate Club practises the traditional martial art of karate. The style we teach is Renbukai which literally means “to meet to forge the martial way”. We believe with the current trend of society as it moves toward mixed martial arts and sport competition in martial arts, the Kanto Sho Karate Club strives to maintain and educate about the traditions of the founding fathers of karate-do. The instructors are passionate about karate and have been training and teaching collectively for 40 years both here in Calgary as well as in Japan. Instructors hold current Criminal Record Checks.

Booking School Residency Options: Physical Education, Active Living, Sports Performance, Experiential Studies (ex: Japan Units), etc.

  1. Individual Workshops:
  • 1-2 qualified instructors will teach a beginner level karate class from 45min – 1.5hrs in length as a one-time introduction to karate.
  • Large emphasis on physical movement, learning the basics (kihon) of karate (ex: how to punch properly, block and kick) and the purpose behind them.
  • Students will also learn the purpose of the kia (which is the sound a karate practitioner makes when there is mind/body focus on a technique) and how it can empower you.
  • Time permitting, the students will be introduced to some basic self defence techniques as well.
  • Classes are facilitated in a fun, fast paced environment.
  1. Week Long Workshops:
  • 2 qualified instructors will teach karate classes
  • Students will learn age appropriate skills and each class will build upon what was learned the previous day
  • Lessons will be provided to suit the schools needs; during a one week period dependent upon when the school class runs (ex: PE 5 days/week or Sports Performance on Day 2 & 5)
  • Teachers and Parents are invited to volunteer to attend and learn as well

Please contact to inquire about fees.